The Vision:

Networking, Training, and Certification opportunities for high school & college students pursuing future careers in the veterinary field

The Mission:

Building a Bridge Across the Classroom and the Clinic

VETucation LLC Founder, Bachelors of Animal Science, Licensed Veterinary Technician, High School Vet Science Instructor, HOSA Advisor, FFA Advisor, Free Free Certified, CPR & First Aid Instructor, TVMA Member, AAHA Member

Alumni of

University of Tennessee & Cedar Valley Vet Tech College

Marissa Runnels has been in the career field of veterinary health since 2006, working from the clinic to the classroom.

Her philosophy on kinesthetic instruction from industry professionals developed from students not understanding lessons based solely on reading and lecturing in the classroom alone. When combining fun activities, labs, and hands-on experiences, it became evident that students have a higher interest, higher retention rates, and a higher passion for learning.

The dedication to educate youth in becoming quality employees in the veterinary field allowed for opportunities to expand into the development of VETucation LLC.