Basic Grooming Certification

Our Basic Grooming Training, inspired by a successful Industry Professional, provides useful experiences when working with live pets for employment in a thriving career, entrepreneurship, or maintaining your pet's health.

Participants will show mastery by uploading live recordings of a demonstrated skill.

(Successful completion of training will be verified by our licensed professionals)

Basic Grooming Certification Lessons

Curriculum & Resources: In Person or Virtual Demonstrations, Tools & Equipment, ACT Online Modules, "Notes From The Grooming Table", etc.

  • How to Properly Bathe & Groom

  • Products , Tools & equipment used

  • Proper physical restraint techniques

  • Proper care for pets in kennels

  • Practice management skills

  • Reception skills

  • Vital Signs Assessment

  • Ear Cleaning / Ear Hair Pulling

  • Teeth Brushing

  • Anal Gland Expression - internal / external

  • Nail trimming

  • Sanitary Cut

  • Breed Specific Grooming Styles

When training is complete and you have passed the end of course quiz,

you will receive a Basic Grooming Certificate of Completion.

Registration & Payment