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Veterinary Clinic Partnership - We are looking to partner with well established veterinary facilities that would allow students to gain observation hours and hands-on experiences (such as clinical skills, boarding, grooming, bathing, client service representative, and training) while being overseen by our credentialed veterinary professionals. Our goal is to have partnerships with multiple clinical locations (including mobile), so any interested student would have a guaranteed opportunity for success in completing any certification requirements.

Sponsorships & Donations-With allocated funding, we will be able to continue growing our outreach to as many students possible to best prepare them for a veterinary career. Click link below to Donate!

Educational Institution Partnership - Implementation of credible veterinary assistant curriculum would be taught by our Licensed veterinary professionals through the institutions articulation agreement. This would allow for students to gain the knowledge and experience needed in the field of study, meet all necessary requirements for certification, and count towards continuing education credit.

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