Vet Assistant Training

VETucation assists individuals in becoming a Level 1 Certified Veterinary Assistant, with access to take the CVA certification exam. Our licensed veterinary staff may sign off on skills that are successfully mastered by each individual.

By creating a bridge between the classroom and the hospital, we alleviate the pressure of relying on a hospital team member to proctor intern skills, and candidates can focus on obtaining any remaining internship hours in veterinary clinics at their own leisure. With combined curriculum and hands-on skills, mastered at the completion of the program, candidates will be more prepared for a career in veterinary medicine.

High School Students are also exposed to various experiences within the animal health career field, which gives them an advantage in competing in student organizations (such as HOSA- Future Health Professionals & FFA- Future Farmers of America).

Veterinary Assistant Training Includes:

CVA Skills Validation Completion (Up to 78 Hours if applicable)

Live Conferences with LVT Instructor when needed

Additional Add-on Options:

ACT Online Curriculum w/ CVA Exam Voucher

EVT Venipuncture Kit w/ Instructional Materials

CVA Level 1 Skills Validation

-Students will show CVA Skills mastery by demonstrating and/or describing each skill in a series of live recordings using Training Kits, Live/Stuffed Animals, or any other approved resource

-78 Hours of Clinical Skills Validation Checklists will be signed and returned when all requirements have been met. Qualified members will have the option to take the CVA exam when verified.


Eligibility criteria and requirements for CVA Level 1 - High School:

Participating students must be enrolled in a state-approved veterinary education pathway, with

Completion of at least 200-hours of classroom training, either in a School Facility or through

Virtual Vet Education Distance Learning:

• Applicant must be at least 16 years of age • Applicant must obtain 300 hours of practical work experience (paid or volunteer) in a veterinary setting under the direct supervision of a licensed veterinarian or a licensed veterinary technician • Applicant must submit a completed application for examination for CVA Level I certification including complete payment of examination fee(s) • Completed CVA Level I “Skills Validation Checklist” • Applicant must score 70% or better on the CVA Level I certification exam.


Eligibility criteria and requirements for CVA Level 1 - Hospital Staff:

Must be currently employed in a Veterinary Hospital or Shelter

Obtain 500 hours of work experience under the supervision of a DVM or LVT

Master all required Level I material

Gain and demonstrate the hands-on skills listed on the Skills Validation Checklist

Exam Application and Skills Validation Checklist to be completed and approved by the DVM or LVT

Successful completion of the certification examination (70% or higher)

*We are not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with the

Texas Veterinary Medical Association.*

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